About Us

My name is Dr. Stewart Edrich

My focus since 1991 has been in

Applied Kinesiology
Chinese medicine techniques
Blood chemistry
Hormone lab tests.

Besides handling back and neck problems I have had much success with issues such as hormone imbalance, digestive disturbance, auto immune problems, weight loss issues, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, migraines, hot flashes and many other issues.

I stay on the cutting edge of techniques and technologies.

What I care about is handling health problems as quickly and effectively as possible.

I look for the cause of your problem.

If the cause is a physical head injury, emotional trauma or chemical trauma (drugs/ medications) I urge you to consider brainwave optimization.
There may be other causes to your symptoms.
Using my 20 years of experience in natural or holistic practices I can help you discover what those causes are.

I do not take every case.
I only take the cases that I feel will really benefit.
Brainwave optimization is not the only tool I have.

If I think there is something better for you I will tell you. If I don't take your case I will give you recommendations on what else you might consider to do.
I am accessible and easy to talk to. If you e-mail me with your phone number at info@mentalreset.net I will personally call you back even on the weekend at no cost to you.
You can call me at 562-799-0320 but I don't check those messages on the weekend.
If you want to know more about me and other aspects of my practice please go to


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