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Brainwave Optimization may be for you. Your anxiety can come from a chemical imbalance, a head injury, multiple small head injuries such as from playing football, lack of sleep or emotional distress. Emotional stress could come from a bad childhood, abusive spouse, being sent to war (PTSD), emotional loss such as a death in the family, divorce, or chronic daily stress.

Your current anxiety options are some type of talk therapy, drug therapy, medication, meditation, hypnosis or herbs. Drug therapy for anxiety relief is probably your last resort. You know all about the devastating side effects and you know you will probably be on it for the rest of your life, herbs and meditation are nice options but they require a lot of effort on your part.

Talk therapy is good but it can be a long slow process and some people do not want to share their deep dark secrets with a therapist just yet. On the other hand Brainwave Optimization for anxiety symptoms may enhance your therapy experience. If your brain is balanced you may more easily get in touch with your emotions and insights in session.

Brainwave optimization requires no effort on your part, you just show up. You can address your anxiety symptoms and causes without drugs or herbs to take. You do not have to rehash your childhood trauma and the process is relatively quick. It could be as short as a week.

Brainwave optimization goes to the source of your problem, your brain. We measure the output of your brain, which are your brainwaves. If they are off balance then you probably feel off balance. Then we play your brainwaves back to you and let your brain correct itself. You may suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADD/ADHD or insomnia (sleeplessness). Other symptoms could be literally anything considering that the brain controls the entire body.

In fact most people who have anxiety suffer from multiple symptoms. Brainwave optimization does not treat symptoms. It addresses the casue.

Many times people with anxiety also cannot sleep well. Does insomnia cause anxiety or does anxiety causes insomnia. With brainwave optimization we don’t look at it as one symptom causing the other. We simply balance the brainwaves which may be a source of multiple problems.

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