Traumatic Brain Injury

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Physical trauma to the brain

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBA) could be from a severe head injury or the effects of a stroke. A concussion or multiple concussions or a severe whiplash could also cause brain injury.

If you played contact sports such as football or boxing or even soccer (passing the ball with your head over and over) you could have a brain injury.

A very common head injury is the trauma of being born.

A traumatic brain injury can be one of the most frustrating conditions a person has to deal with. A person can have compromised motor skills, speech, difficulty with understanding, anxiety depression and rage. Many have digestive problems and other body problems as well.

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) occurs much more in people who had several concussions.

Since the brain controls the body a brain imbalance can cause a body imbalance

There are two main categories of imbalance

Some people with Traumatic Brain injury are stuck in a “Fight-or Flight” response and others are stuck in a “Freeze” response.

When talking about the “Freeze” response, Lee Gerdes in His book Limitless You says it this way:

“If a freeze state remains dominant after a traumatic brain injury, the result can be depression, dizziness or lightheadedness, decreased clarity of thought, confusion, difficulty organizing thoughts, fatigue, bowel problems, a low heart rate, and peripheral neuropathy (damage to the network that transmits information from the central nervous system to every other part of the body).”

He says this about a “Fight or Flight” state:

“If a fight-or-flight state is dominant, a greater alertness, increased energy, and greater muscle strength are experienced. Blood pressure and heart rate increase, and pupils dilate to let more light into the eyes in order to increase visual acuity. This can result in hyper-vigilance, nervousness, panic attacks, anxiety, fear and paranoia, poor sleep, shakiness and heart palpitations, stroke, heart attack, heart disease, cold hands and feet, and headaches.”

The brainwave pattern is more important than the mechanism of injury

One person’s head injury could have caused a “fight or flight” state and another person’s could have caused a “freeze” state. With brainwave optimization we are not trying to figure out why you are in one state or the other. We are concerned with measuring your brainwaves and playing them back to you thus letting your body heal itself.

Here are 3 mechanisms of brainwave imbalance

Chemical Toxins
This is chemical toxins, drugs, bacteria, viruses, mold and things like of that nature.
Emotional trauma:
This can be a loss, emotional shock, sustained stress or mental abuse over a long period of time
Physical trauma to the brain; (Traumatic Brain injury)
This could be a head injury, or effects of a stroke, concussion or a severe whiplash. A very common head injury is the trauma of being born.

Brainwave imbalance from a head injury or a stroke can look the same as an injury from a long term emotional abuse or chemical abuse.

The more traumatic the injury is, the more imbalances there are and the more symptoms a person will have.

However the method of treatment is the same; read and balance your individual brain waves. Since each person’s brainwaves are different then no two treatments are identical.

From my point of view as a doctor I do like to know the mechanism of injury because more can always be done. If the cause is toxins we can do a detox, if the cause is physical trauma we can use chiropractic, cranial adjustments, acupressure or some type of physical rehabilitation. We do this after the brain wave optimization if you still need it.

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