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Are you searching terms like insomnia, can’t sleep, sleep problems or sleep cures? Do you live within 30 minutes of Long Beach, Orange County, Lakewood, Bellflower, Cerritos, Huntington Beach or Garden Grove? If so you may want to read this.

Brainwave Optimization has had amazing results in the clinical study done at Wake Forrest Medical School.

Here is a brief summary:

  • Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder and is associated with significant psychological and body related medical conditions.
  • Up to 50% of adults report sleep problems.
  • Many people who have insomnia symptoms also have symptoms of depression, anxiety even heart attacks; they report lower quality of life, higher absenteeism, impaired job performance and higher healthcare utilization.

The Insomnia – Can’t Sleep – Hyper Arousal Theory:

When you are in a hyper arousal state and can’t sleep

  • There is increased activity in the automatic part of your nervous system
  • An increase in how your nervous system regulates hormones
  • An increase in the immune system and metabolism

This is NOT GOOD. This is happening at night when it should be resting. This makes you unbalanced.

  • In this state you make too much cortisol which is the stress hormone.
  • This throws off your other hormones like insulin, adrenaline, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone
  • It increases belly fat and causes stress to your adrenal glands.

What does this mean to you?

Insulin is the hormone associated with blood sugar. While you need a certain amount of insulin you must know that insulin is the most inflammatory substance in the human body and people who overproduce insulin break down faster and have shorter lives.

  • Some researchers believe that insomnia can lead to a shorter life.

Insulin Resistance

  • If you make too much insulin for too long your body may not respond to it in the normal way and you be become resistant to insulin and that puts you on the road to diabetes.


  • The right amount of cortisol lowers pain and stress in the short term.
  • Too much cortisol causes hormone imbalance and increased belly fat.

Sex Hormones

  • Out of balance estrogen and progesterone can contribute to hot flashes, headaches, menstrual problems, bone loss, depression and many other health problems.

The hyper arousal theory also says:

  • People with PTSD have less “Slow wave sleep”
  • People who can’t sleep are more likely to have other physiological problems.
  • People who can’t sleep have a worse quality of life and more health problems.

The Wake Forrest Medical School Brainwave Optimization Study on Insomnia

  • There were 2 groups of 10 participants in the study.
  • All 20 started with “moderate insomnia.”
  • A successful outcome was to have no insomnia or “sub-threshold” insomnia.
  • One group got the real treatment and the other group got the fake treatment.
  • Of the 10 people who got the real treatment, 9 of them were successful.
  • Of the people who got the fake treatment all of them 9 /10 remained with the same insomnia that they started with.

Where Do You Start If You Have Multiple Problems

  • If you have sleep problems, symptoms of anxiety, depression, weight gain, PTSD, ADD/ADHD hormone issues or fatigue then you should work on the sleep issue first because it is a common denominator of all of the other symptoms.
  • Work on the brain first because it controls the entire body.

When treating people with these conditions I think about this.

  • “Which problem is easier to help?”
  • “Which one is a common denominator to the other health problems?”
  • The answer is sleep (insomnia). So I work on that first.

There are many therapies I can use to help you with insomnia. I start with brainwave optimization for the following reasons:

  • The brain controls the body so when looking for a source of a problem it is smart to start with the brain.
  • Brainwave optimization is the simplest therapy to have done on you.
  • You have very little in the way of compliance or things you must do.
  • All you really have to do is show up.
  • If you need other work after brainwave optimization you will most likely need less work, fewer treatments of any kind and fewer supplements.

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