Brain Nutrition

There will be a lot more to come about brain nutrition but the most important thing you need to know if that the brain gets affected by inflammation. The things that inflame the brain are toxins but what most people do not understand is that gluten is a common allergen to the brain.

Gluten can be a cause of brain fog. There is a huge connection between the brain and the intestines. If you have intestinal problems you very likely have brain inflammation as well.

However you could have brain inflammation and not necessarily feel it in the intestines.

Sugar is the other major cause of brain dysfunction.

There will be more to come about brain nutrition. Long before I ever got involced with Brainwave Optimization I have been a nutritionist since 1991. Most people who practice brainwave optimization are not trainied or experienced in nutrition, herbs and homeopathy.

Whenever I see someone for brainwave optimization I look for reasons that a person may have brain inflammation as well as emotional and physical trauma.

I have another website where I talk more about herbs, homeopathy and toxins.​