Stress and Brainwave Optimization

You cannot get rid of stress but you don’t have to react to it.​

You will always have deadlines, responsibilities, emergencies, financial expectations, health issues and unexpected situations. You can change how your brain reacts to stress. Your brain is set in a pattern, Brainwave Optimization teaches your brain that it can break out of the pattern it is in.

Stage 1) Normal Reaction.

If your body were a car there would be “Equal balance between the gas and the brakes.”

Think of the right side of your brain like the gas pedal in your car. Step on it harder to speed up quickly to get out of a dangerous situation, then step on the brakes (the left side) when the danger passes.

Short term stress is normal, the body reacts to the situation then returns to rest.

Stage 2) Over-reaction

If your body were a car this would be “The gas pedal is stuck ON”

You feel you need to fight back (or in the car analogy SPEED UP)

The stress is going on too long, the brain is getting locked into a stress pattern and not returning to normal.

As far as the brain is concerned the right side (the fight side) works harder, there is more electrical and brainwave activity in that area.

The electrical impulses from the brain get sent to the organs so the organs swell up and get bigger in order to work harder.

The adrenal glands work harder and actually get bigger and swollen.

These glands control your blood pressure and your blood sugar and increase your cortisol “The stress hormone”.

When cortisol increases it steals other hormones to make more cortisol. You cannot balance any other hormones if you do not balance cortisol.

Now your body demands more fuel to handle the ongoing stress so you begin to get cravings for fast acting fuel….SUGAR and junk. Too much cortisol makes you store fat and crave sugar.

It slows down your thyroid and metabolism.

Your thymus gland (an immune system gland) gets bigger too because it needs to work harder under stress.

Too much stress makes you output too much adrenalin which can put too much strain on the heart and increase the blood pressure.

Other organs react to this situation in the opposite manner.

In the cases of increased stress the stomach cannot makes its digestive juices so the food gets in your stomach and rots causing gas, bloating and reflux.

Stage 3) EXHAUSTION: The Brakes are stuck on

​The brain is now jamming on the brakes as hard as it can. At the same time as the brakes are being applied you are also running out of gas and your car STOPS. Your body can’t fight anymore and starts to give up.

​Now the right side of the brain (the gas) becomes underactive and the left side (the brakes) becomes too active. The brakes are on; you are out of gas and have a flat tire.

In stage 1 at least you had enough reserves. One organ could borrow from another but now there is nothing left to borrow. This is how long term degeneration happens.

How does Brain Wave Optimization fit in?

Even if you rehabilitate your body with diet and nutritional supplements your brain is still going to be in the stuck pattern of either too much gas or too much brakes.

Your brain is stuck in a pattern and that is very difficult to change.

You could try to practice mediation and deep breathing stress control and exercise and yoga to slowly, over a period of years, if at all, to bring your brain back to balance.

Or you could do it quickly with brainwave optimization.

Stress does not ruin your health, your reaction to it does. Brainwave optimization does not get rid of your stress; it changes how you react to stress. ​