"My son spent four weeks at at Brainwave Optimization and he finally has a shot at life!!!

He is the third of four boys. Following a near drowning at the age of two and a half, he has had a long and hard journey of therapies addressing language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills as well as psychotherapy and medication. Evaluations and testing presented multiple diagnoses at different stages of his development, these included: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Delay NOS, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Processing Disorder, Social Phobia, Non Verbal Learning Disability and who can remember what else. They all said something about him but none really fit entirely.

We uprooted the family for three months of the year for many years to provide him with the therapies he needed; he had a shadow at school for many years, he was on various medications since the age of six, he attended two different therapeutic camps, he spent a year at a specialized therapeutic boarding school, and the whole family attended counseling to support him for many years.

At age 18 it was evident to me that he was going down a very dangerous path very quickly (that now included substance abuse) in spite of all the protecting factors he had in his life. I was terrified for him.

As a last attempt, thinking we had done everything else for him, wanting to leave no stones unturned we sent him to Brainwave Optimization. As parents we wanted to feel peace with ourselves, that no matter what became of him and what he decided for himself that we had put our time, effort, energy, interest, attention and resources to helping him have a good life.

At this point I was very worried and I was secretly pessimistic about his future. And then the unexpected happened!!! Thanks to Brainwave Optimization’s innovative approach, my son emerged from somewhere dark.

My belief is that Brainwave Optimization opened a pathway into him I had never seen before and did not know existed. He stopped the two different antidepressant medications, the medication for Attention Deficit and his sleep aid. He is happier and more engaged than ever before, by far!

Thanks to Brainwave Optimization, my son is succeeding at a leading boarding school in the U.S. completing a post-graduate year of studies. He is living in a dorm room by himself and for the first time in his life he is cleaning, doing laundry, exercising, studying, organized, punctual, and he is meeting or exceeding all expectations being placed on him. His self-destructive patterns are a thing of his past. He is happy and self-motivated to have a positive and productive life for himself. He even tried out for and got a leading role for the schools major drama production!

-This inspiring testimonial is from a client of a BST Provider in British Columbia

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