Brainwave Optimization

Dr. Stewart Edrich D,C. performs Brainwave Optimization​, a holistic, natural, drug free method for balancing your brainwaves.

We are located in Los Alamitos close to Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Cerritos on the boarder of Orange and Los Angeles counties.

If you are searching for help with anxiety, sadness, insomnia or other sleep disorders, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, cravings or addictions, Brainwave Optimization may be what you are looking for.​

Brainwave Optimization Is Safe and Effective.

Many people feel better withing a day or a week

Some people take up to 6 weeks​

​The results are very long lasting

​The therapy takes very little effort on the part of the client

​You simply show up and relax in a comfortable chair and put on the headphones

​You may even sleep through much of the process

Healthy Brainwaves are harmonious and balanced

Brainwaves can be measured and improved

The Brain Becomes Damaged Due To The Following Reasons

Head Trauma

  • You do not have to go unconscious or have a concussion to have head trauma and brain damage.
  • Any blunt force trauma is enough.
  • You could have multiple blunt force trauma from playing football or even soccer.
  • Any fall that you hit your head.
  • A car accident where you do not hit your head but your neck got whipped around.
  • The process of being born can cause brain trauma in about 30% of the population.​

Emotional abuse

If when you were a child your parents were abusive, your brain needed to find a way to cope.

It developed a pattern.

Today your brain still operates through that pattern.​

If you are the victim of emotional abuse your brain needed to go into survival mode.

If you were in the army in a war zone and you needed to be on "red alert" every day for 3 months, your brain learned to stay at "high alert".

Any sound any change could mean death.

Now you are home but your brain is STUCK in the pattern that it learned and practiced every day for the last 3 months.

Your brain thinks that it is still at war​

Toxins such as Heavy Metals, Chemical, Drug or Medication abuse all casue inflammation to the brain.

Brain inflammation causes brain damage​

We help you balance your brainwaves so you can feel normal again.

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