Why We Are Different From Other Brainwave Optimization Centers

While Brainwave Optimization is different from other brain targeted therapies this office is unique in that we are more comprehensive than other Brainwave Optimization facilities.

The reason is that most technicians who perform Brainwave Optimization do not know any other therapies, they do not fully understand causes. They got trained as a Brainwave Optimization technician and may very well do a great job at that procedure but they have no other tools. Their scope is limited. They do not have any doctoral degree and thus there viewpoint will be limited.

So to them every brainwave imbalance has only one answer which is Brainwave Optimization.

I have over 20 years ( since 1991) of experience helping people with all types of body problems and even before I learned how to do Brainwave Optimization I was helping people with anxiety, insomnia and other brain related issues.

Brainwave optimization certainly helped increase my results a lot but the other methods that I use still have validity and indeed amplify my results.

Brainwave Optimization shows you that the brain is imbalanced but here are the things you need to know and address.

What caused the brainwave imbalance in the first place? And what else can be done to address those causes?

Here are the causes:

· Trauma such as a blow to the head or a whiplash to the neck.

· Emotional trauma like a post-traumatic stress disorder. Being in a war, a near death experience or a divorce.

· Some sort of chemical problem like too much alcohol or other toxins. This could also include leaky gut syndrome or a gluten allergy.

Based on these causes there are other therapies that a person could use to enhance their outcome.


If the problem is from trauma then other therapies that can enhance your chance of a great outcome would be chiropractic adjustments, acupressure, muscle balancing or traction.


If the problem is emotional trauma then we could add emotional techniques such as Neuro Emotional Technique or homeopathy for emotions.


If the cause is chemical in nature then detoxification, sensitivity elimination, healing the gut, ionic foot baths and diet changes could be added.

So remember that Brainwave Optimization corrects the brainwave patterns but these other techniques also get to the cause and help you to not re-create the problem.

In this office I don’t just treat the brainwaves I also want to go after the causes and I think you do too. That is why my I highly suggest that you choose a plan that includes both brainwave optimization and handling the trauma, emotions and the chemistry aspects of your situation.

Your full evaluation will include looking into all of the above causes and a plan will be presented to you that includes all of these aspects.

Some people already know the cause and they may already be dealing with it.

This is OK, these are things that we can discuss in the evaluation. In this case we can simply do the brainwave optimization but you need to understand all the potential causes before you start treatment so that you have a plan before you start.


Everyone who does brainwave Optimization is on a plan. This is not something where you do a session and see how you feel. I read your brainwaves and show you how off balance they are and where they are changing.

Sometimes a person gets an immediate result and other times it takes longer. Do not manage your therapy by your symptoms that day.