Issue: Trauma, Anger Issues, Anxiety, IBS, Sleep


Female, 54 years old

Phoenix, Arizona

Issue: Trauma, Anger Issues, Anxiety, IBS, Sleep

Before doing my sessions I suffered from trauma, anger issues, anxieties, sleep issues, always felt "stuck", and had just been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

After the first four sessions, I started sleeping through the night, my IBS symptoms vanished, and I could feel a shift in the way I was perceiving and reacting to situations. Since completing 10 sessions I have found myself able to disengage from stressful situations, where before I could not. And when I encountered a traumatic situation, which in the past would leave me unable to function for two to three days, I was stunned to realize the next day I was able to shake it off, function better and able to assess the situation without becoming depressed again or get stuck in the feeling of victimization. (I also started writing poetry again!)

I was tired of being stuck in the trauma of events that had happened and didn't like how that controlled my life and who I was. I felt like things happened to me instead of me making things happen in my life. I didn't even consider at first how it could help my sleep patterns or my medical issues.

After the first 10 sessions I am now sleeping better, I don't feel as victimized and stuck by what happens to me, and I can deal with things better, as well as more quickly.

I feel like I could be a walking, talking advertisement – living proof of this wonderful knowledge – and IT SHOWS! I feel like I not only have found something that is truly helping me, but see how much this process could help so many people I know as well and with MUCH BETTER results than the other methods! After spending the week with Susan Sugar (Certified Brainwave Technologist) I not only found a compassionate person/therapist, but one who thankfully is willing to "think outside the box" and offer this great opportunity!

- Excerpted from actual client comments

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