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Male, 7 years old

St. Louis, Missouri

Issue: Autism

My seven-year-old son is autistic. I was not clear about his problem until he went to kindergarten. My son didn't speak to people nor play with children because he didn't understand what they said.

When he was evaluated by the school, he was talking to himself, walking around the schoolyard saying things over and over to himself. He couldn't be still and listen to the teacher, nor could he take instructions – only if he was shown pictures or had an individual sit with him and tell him exactly what he was supposed to do.

His entire life changed after Brain State. He is now in the first grade and is reading quite well. Math is exceptional. He now plays with the other children and understands what they are saying to him and can speak with complete sentences. He is much calmer, funny, and can finish all his homework.

He is an exceptional child and the teacher says he's helping the other children in his class in some subjects. My son changed schools after kindergarten and when the new school read the special report that was sent with him to the new school, they said, "this must be a mistake because he is nothing like the report describes."

Great news! After three months in the new school he no longer needed special services. He only needed help in two areas: sentence structure and writing. The school's assistant principal and his four teachers agreed he is ready to be in his regular classroom for 90 percent of the time, with additional tutoring in writing and sentence structure formation. This program changed my son's life and I think a lot of people can benefit long term. I hope our story will help whoever is thinking about Brain State.

- Excerpted from actual client comments

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