H. P.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Issue: Depression

I was clinically diagnosed with chronic depression. I suffered with it for over 10 years and tried many different anti-depressant drugs throughout that time. Some didn't work at all, some seemed to worked for a while but then stopped. After an intensive which is 10 Brainwave Optimization sessions, the depression disappeared. My life is wonderful. I was pretty amazed with the results because I was a point in my life when I just assumed that this was as good as it was going to get. I fully participate in my life now and love everything in it. Thanks to the Brain State Technologies, I have my life back, better than ever! .

I highly and with great enthusiasm, recommend this technology to anyone, especially those who suffer from depression or addiction. It is painless, relaxing, and offers incredible benefits.

- Excerpted from actual client comments

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