​Issue: Addiction, Chronic Pain, Sleep

J. D.

Male, 60 years old

Bow. New Hampshire

Issue: Addiction, Chronic Pain, Sleep

Hi Shannon, I have wanted to send you a note of thanks and a short testimonial for a long while. The results I have noticed have been wonderful-. My thoughts are much calmer and clearer which is translating to physical relaxation. It now seems like I am "In Tune." As you know chronic pain has been a big factor in my experience resulting in addictive behaviors and sleep issues- These have largely dissipated. I can now see patterns of reactions; see them for what they are and deal with them in a positive way. (I am also more aware of others patterns too!) I would highly recommend this training to anyone and am sure you are seeing incredible results from all your clients. Thank you, Shannon, for all your work. You were a pleasure to work with and have a remarkable talent.

-Excerpted from actual client comments

Note from Shannon Krause, Certified Brainwave Technologists:

This client was a 60-year-old male who lost his parents by the age of 16 and has been on his own since that time. He has been battling addiction (alcohol) since age 16. He has tried to kick the habit with the 12 step program which didn't work for him. When we first met, he was still drinking and taking pain medication for back pain. He came to my office not having had a drink for three days and felt pretty bad, but we trained. By Wednesday he was in a pretty bad place (very grumpy) I just stayed quiet and did my job. By the end of the week he felt okay and ready to face life without a drink. I sent him his three week follow-up and he was doing great. Then about one month after that, he called, set up a single session to help with cravings and brought in a testimonial. He told me that he wasn't using the Wave-aid CD the first few weeks but when the cravings started creeping back he started listening and he found it to be helpful. At this time, he calls if he needs a tune-up but honestly has only come in for two single sessions since his intensive.

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