Anxiety, panic attacks and depression are legal medical terms so let’s talk about nervousness and sadness.

    If you are too nervous in stressful situations then really you are over reacting to stress.

    You could be in stage 2 the “fight back” stage.
    Or you could be in stage 3 the “give up stage.”

    In either stage you could feel either nervous or sad. The important thing to remember is that your brain is stuck in a pattern. It is like you have a computer program running in the background that you do not even know is there.

    So one person could be very nervous and a little sad, another could be more sad than nervous and each one would get a personalized therapy designed specifically for them.

    With brainwave optimization we reflect your brainwaves back to your brain so that your brain can figure it out. We take you out of the way.

    You may try talk / cognitive / behavioral therapy which can be helpful.

    The only problem is that with talk therapy alone is that you are trying to solve your problems with logic, rationally and behavior modification.

    This works primarily on the conscious rational thought. Much of human behavior is unconscious.

    With brainwave optimization you may actually be able to get more in touch with your feelings and get even more out of other therapies.

    30% of your brain is devoted to conscious thought and logic, the other 70% is unconscious.

    Brainwave optimization works on both the conscious and the unconscious areas of the brain.

    The other solution for nervousness and sadness is drug therapy.

    Drug therapy can dampen the brainwaves and you could feel better. But for how long? The brain is not in balance naturally.

    Drug therapy can be harmful to other area of the body such as the liver and kidneys.

    Drug therapy is used to correct a chemical imbalance yet no imbalance is ever measured or monitored.

    We do not take people off of drug therapy when doing brainwave optimization, however when you start to feel better you may talk to your doctor about getting off the drugs.

    Nutrition and nutritional supplements for nervousness and sadness.

    Nutrition is another good option. Most people who are nervous or sad have an overreaction to foods like sugar. If they get sugar out of their lives they can feel much better.

    But why are they over reacting in the first place?
    Sugar is a toxin, a toxin is a stress.
    Could it be that the brain is over reacting to the stress of the sugar?

    When looking for help with nervousness and sadness brainwave optimization is a great place to start for these reasons:

    The brain controls the body so when looking for a source of a problem it is smart to start with the brain.

    Brainwave optimization is the most simple therapy to have done on you.

    You have very little in the way of compliance or things you must do. All you have to really do is show up.

    With brainwave optimization we measure the output of your brain. Very few therapies even measure anything in the brain.