The Process

In its simplest form, a Brainwave Optimization™ session feels very much like a state of relaxation or meditation. The overall goal is to help clients have a relaxing and transformative experience. Clients can expect to have expert attention and explanations throughout every step of the process.

Prior To Your Arrival

Before arrival, a client will be asked to complete Subjective and Objective Surveys online. These will help the Brainwave Technologist to better understand the individual’s concerns and goals and will allow them to track the progress of the client.


The assessment is the first step in the Brainwave Optimization process. Using non-invasive Intellisensors™, (read only sensors which are placed on the head) we will collect data from seven areas of the brain. This will be done while the brain is at rest (example: sitting quietly with your eyes closed) and on task (example: reading to yourself). The result of this session is called a Brainwave Assessment – a visual guide that illustrates areas of brainwave disturbance (also called “brain imbalances”). This Brainwave Assessment, in combination with the goals specified on your surveys, will be used to create a personalized Brainwave Optimization program for you.

Pre-Session Discussion

With your Brainwave Technologist you will review information gathered from your assessment and discuss your results, goals, and how you will work together to achieve those goals.


During each 90-minute session you will be seated in an anti-gravity chair in a quiet, comfortable room. Your Brainwave Technologist will place Intellisensors at various points on your head. Through ear phones, you will listen to your own brainwaves converted into musical notes. During some of the session you might watch a video or other activity on the computer screen. At other times, you will close your eyes while your Brainwave Technologist directs you in an imaging exercise or simply asks you to relax. Most people report a highly pleasurable experience and enjoy hearing their own brainwaves transformed into relaxing sound. A client will typically complete a Brainwave Assessment and 10 Brainwave Optimization sessions in one to two weeks.

Completing The Process

At the end of the last session, you will retake the objective survey and meet with your technologist to review your progress from start to finish. You will receive a packet of information that includes: - Two graphs that illustrate your progress from the time you began Brainwave Optimization through your final session - A CD of meditative sounds that may be used at home to reinforce your progress - A brochure with tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your sessions Results are generally subtle at first and then build over time. Many people notice the most significant changes two to three weeks after completing their sessions.