This week, "Newsweek" magazine published an article describing anger, anxiety, stress, and worry. The article demonstrates two things:

1. These behaviors and experiences are driven by brain function - we know that because when the brain function changed the behaviors vanished..

2. As Brainwave Optimization mirrors the brain back to itself it relaxes, resets, and unwanted behaviors can simply disappear.

We can receive heart transplants, artificial limbs, vision correction lenses, and hearing aids to assist us in creating a greater state of health and well being. Not until technology advances allowed us to view and mirror the brain back to itself with incredible speed did we learn that our brain can achieve a deeply relaxed state quickly as it might after years of meditation practice, and achieve self-correction of unwanted behavior patterns. Self-driven well being - makes sense, doesn't it?

It is likely that 30 to 50 years from now, society will look back on this discovery as we now look back on the horse and buggy, as technology will allow us to help the brain reset itself faster and more robustly than we can now experience. That is AOK, because until then we have an ever advancing technology called Brainwave Optimization that can mirror the brain so the brain itself can achieve near miraculous and here-to-fore unknown mastery of well being, happiness, and positive behavior.